Thursday, June 27, 2013

Avery Elle Sketch Challenge June AEI♥U Challenge

I am trying a digital card for an Avery Elle Challenge since I have not gotten any of their stamps yet (hmmm I can tell there will be future buys here- uh oh!) So this is what I came up with their inspiration sketch
Here is what I came up with using PSE. I made a base for the card. I used the image
. I then cut the digital image so that the pic and sentiment were separate. I colored the image, made the sentiment into a banner, used a brush to create visual interest with splotches around it and rounded the corners on the image. Created some shadows to look real and... here is my finished project.
What do you think???

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Second card for Maddy June 2013

I am going to be sending Maddy some card making supplies (telling her she can make others cards if she has time on her hands and maybe even share some supplies with others, if you want to join me see here). I will be sending this card too. it was made using the Simon Says Stamp June Card kit as well! Loads of fun and supplies!

My First Maddy card! June 2013

I would love it if you could send a card to Maddy too please read about her here. I used the Simon Says Stamp Card kit from June to create this card. This first card is very simple but it said what was important so I wanted to draw attention to it...Do you think it needs more??? Let me know what you think.. It says Be happy, Be bright, Be you! Maddy sounds like an exceptional person and I think everyone who is privileged to know her is very lucky indeed!

Cecilia's card for Maddy June 2013

My darling Cecilia, (age 8), decided she wanted to join me on sending cards to Maddy whom you can read about here. She made the card and embellished out of my leftovers bin (where I create and save for later). SO with out further ado the card Cecilia made for Maddy!
Didn't she do a great job???!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Daily Digi Inspiration with Cilenia Curtis

This is a page I created using a kit I received from being a member of Daily Digi (awesome kits for a monthly fee~ extremely reasonable- as long as you use them ;o) see for the scoop and great ideas! Would love any feedback on this page. It is pretty and sort of girly but afterward I was thinking about the words and topic of the page and I kept going back to when Bob was in Virgina working while we stayed here in Ohio and prayed our house would sell. Although we loved the gorgeousness of Virginia, family and friends are all here... There were many times I felt like I might like to jump off that cliff and many times I felt like I was falling off that cliff, but God is faithful and helped me to make it through (alright carried me like a baby, LOL!) God brought Bob home after 9 months and we are very grateful to be back together. I used this kit called Changes and a free alpha from Mommyish for the & and Nibbles Skribbles PR Alphabet for the numbers. This is a different version which do you like best and why?? If I get a good response (50 comments-please ask your friends to comment too!) I will giveaway something sweet to someone who comments!