Monday, September 29, 2014

OCC Copic Marker Class Day 5 continued Ballerina

Kathy gave some great tips in her video on how she colors the whole body of an image… I like how she mentions how to do the white space in the dress that is something new for me.  The wink of stella on the eyelids and dress (which don't really show up here) are pretty cool finishing touches.  I think this turned out great for my first try! ;0)

Any suggestions??? Let me know!
Have an amazing day! ~God bless~

OCC Copic Marker Class Day 5

Day 5 – Coloring Skin, Hair, and Clothing

This first coloring is based off of how Kristina Werner colors hair.  Her hair coloring is phenomenal and she makes it look really easy, but for me not so...

The next group is from a video I watched in the class that Kelly Marie shows how she colors hair. This was a little easier to achieve...

 This is all of my practice ones together.  I did more practices of the hair because I thought I did the faces pretty well.  I will be finishing them later but wanted to show (keep up with) what I have done so far...
 Well what do you think?… Which one did you like the best? Skin…hair…
Have an amazing day and God bless!

OCC Copic Marker Class Day 4

Day 4 – Turning On The Lights

This day talks about shading on flowers and such… I tried some different ways that I have never tried. 
This first pic is from watching Kristina Werner's video and trying her technique.

 This example is from watching Jennifer McGuire's video and trying to emulate (rather poorly) what she did… These ladies make it look soooo easy and for me it is not.  But I am practicing so maybe somewhere down the road (okay I will try not to break into song here…HA!)

 Here I tried the light source coming from the top left and it was okay.  I don't think the yellow colors blend too well.  Those are the colors I have so oh well… I do think my leaves look more realistic so that is cool!
Well what do you think?? Have you signed up for this course yet???!
Have an amazing day! ~God bless~

Thursday, September 25, 2014

OCC Copic Marker Class Day 3

Day 3 – Get More Mileage Out of Your Markers

Todays topic is mostly about Gray Shading… 

I have never really used the copic markers with a gray to add shading so here is my practice sheet…

OCC Copic Marker Class Day 2

Day 2 – Blending Tricks

Well I have used these tricks before at least most of them.  I think I like the idea of putting some of the marker on a piece of throw away packaging~ no cleaning that way! So here is my practice sheet for Day 2.  I love the images they selected for us to work on in this class!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

OCC Copic Marker Class Day 1

I can't believe I have not blogged since May!  This summer just sped by what can I say???!

I am taking the Online Card Classes Copic Marker Class which I highly recommend even though we are only on Day 2.  The value for the money is superb! You really can't go wrong!

Here is my first day practice… some turned out really well others not so!