Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Lilypad Forums Challenge Pad Month of Challenges - 2014 Jan. 1 Blind Scrap

I decided I definitely want to scrap more this year…I managed to accomplish more Christmas presents this past year (2013):calendar for my parents, Book for Bob of his Dad (more or less Project life style), Book for my Mom of our vacation to Canada (22 pages worth plus cover-front and back).  I am hoping to share some of it here soon.

I am starting a monthly (January) Challenge where you are to scrap everyday for this month with a given challenge over at the Lilypad.  It sounds fun- I hope I am up to the challenge.  Check it out and join me! ;o)

Day 1-Blind Scrap

Kit used: Allison Pennington: Not Pictured


  1. you are the coolest person on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless cecilia


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